Drinking Water Filter


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Great Tasting water from your Kitchen Tap!!

Whilst the filter is small it delivers a big flow which allows it to be installed directly on the main cold water feed to the kitchen tap. This eliminates the need for a separate tap on the side of the sink.


  • No Separate Tap required
  • Great Tasting Water
  • No need to buy bottled water
  • Greatly reduces the risk of illnesses associated with chlorine.
  • Better for Health
  • Environmentally friendly.


  • Chlorine Taste/Odor filter
  • Quick Change Filter Cartridges System
  • No Service contract required as filters can be changed by Home Owner
  • Filter change Alarm
  • No more need to buy Bottled Water


Width Including Head mm 140
Height Including Head mm 280
Replacement Cartridge Height mm 200
Replacement Cartridge Width mm 65

Technical characteristics

connections PF 3/8” Push Fit
Fittings PF 3/8” – 1/2“ Push Fit
Min. water pressure (dynamic) Bar 0.5 bar
Max. water pressure Bar 6 bar
Max flow rate (1 bar loss of pressure) (l/m) 3
Exchange capacity litres 3000
Filter at entrance µm 5