Non Electric Water Softener


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One of the most Advanced Water Softeners on the Market today!!

This water softener was designed for houses and apartment which are on a mains water supply. The unit is small in dimension so fits under the kitchen sink and can treat an incoming flow rate of up to 30 lpm. The softener is designed to reduce the level of Hardness (Lime scale) in the water whilst only using the minimalist amount of salt and water to clean its self out. Once the unit is installed it’s a simple case of keeping it topped up with salt to enjoy years of soft water.


  • Non Electric
  • Small Dimensions – Big Performance
  • High Flow rate of 30 Lpm
  • Most Environmentally Friendly Softener
  • Only 18 Litres of water & 0.3kg of salt per cleaning cycle


Width mm 241
Height mm 2484
Depth inclusive bypass mm 538
Depth without bypass mm 464

Technical characteristics

Resin volume Litre 3.3
connections ¾” BSP Male
Min. water pressure (dynamic) Bar 1 bar
Max. water pressure Bar 8 bar
Flow rate (1 bar loss of pressure) l/h (LPM) 1500 (25)
Exchange capacity Litres 150,000
Exchange Capacity @ 300mg/l of Hardness (Lime scale) Litres 500
Salt consumption kg 0.3
Water consumption Litres 20
Duration of the regeneration minutes 15
Type of regeneration Volumetric; immediate regeneration
Direction regeneration Up flow
Filter at entrance µm 300
Filter screens (2 pieces) µm 80